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We are a family owned & operated enterprise dedicated to providing wholesome products out of natural ingredients. What started as a family recipe has flourished into a full-fledged business and we invite you to try our products. We hope you love them as much as we do!



Cristina has always had a passion for cooking and creating delicious meals since she was a little girl in her native Mexico City. Frustrated with the broth & stock options in U.S. supermarkets, she created NutraKik! As founder of Kawi Foods, Cristina mainly handles internal affairs and is always busy creating new recipes for all to enjoy NutraKik.



Rodrigo stumbled into cofounding Kawi Foods with his mom. What first started as helping her out getting a company going, quickly turned into a passion to be an entrepreneur. Rodrigo's primary responsibilities are business development, marketing and manning weekly local farmers markets. As an outdoorsman, Rodrigo loves the versatility NutraKik brings to his camping and sailing adventures!



Sofia plays an integral role at Kawi Foods. Her work is mainly produced behind the scenes, with label formatting, product development and also creates recipes, with or without her mom Cristina! Sofia is especially fond of the Ranch mix (her creation!). She enjoys dipping vegetables, chicken and other foods in the ranch because it is a healthier alternative to traditional dressings in stores today.



A cornerstone to Kawi Foods, Joaquin lends a helping hand whenever he has the chance. Predominantly a mortgage broker by day, he also fills in behind the scenes sealing bags and preparing single serving packets. You can find him on Saturdays at the Irvine Mariners Church farmers market, where he loves showing people our lines of awesome products!


We've met some amazing people along the way. See why they love our products!

"It's amazing! I use NutraKik on virtually everything. Soups, on my vegetables and on anything. It's perfect to take on trips too!"


Loyal customer

"Kawi Foods has been really great to work with. Our customers really love the NutraKik line, especially the Original! We even use their ranch seasoning to make our own fermented zingy ranch with our coconut yogurt. They have overall great products with great ingredients and our members really love it!"


Director of Marketing | Fermentation Farm

"Prepped by Bec is a Southern California based meal prep company. We provide fresh and nutritious meals for all lifestyles. One of our "chef's secrets", is our Kawi Foods NutraKik! We love to use it in an array of delicious dishes that we prepare for our customers. Because NutraKik is Vegan & Gluten-Free, our customers get the flavor AND the nutrition that they need! We love Kawi Foods!"

Rebecca S

Founder & Owner | Prepped by bec

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