Our Story

What does Kawi mean?

Kawi (käwē) means planet earth from the indigenous  Tarahumara tribe of northern Mexico. Kawi Foods is dedicated to providing wholesome products out of natural ingredients.

Cristina’s (founder) passion for cooking was evident early on in her childhood years.  She enjoyed good food and was always helping around in the kitchen. In 2006, she was diagnosed with Iron-Deficiency Anemia.  How could she find her path to better health?  Reading labels and nutrition facts became her new way of life.  She rid herself of pre-packaged foods containing harmful ingredients that were lurking in her own pantry and realized that she had to make drastic changes in her eating habits.  So, her journey begins.

Giving up her taste buds was not an option.  She still wanted to make the same tasty meals that she grew up with and enjoyed for many years.  She found herself back in the kitchen experimenting and trying out new recipes.   She continued to pay close attention to nutrition labels on products available at local grocery stores.  Growing frustrated with the lack of natural stock/soup base options, Cristina decided to go back to her roots and experiment some more with natural and organic ingredients that she had grown up with in her native Mexico – alas, NutraKik!

Excited about sharing her new creation with friends and family, she soon discovered that NutraKik could also be used as an all-purpose natural seasoning to deliciously and nutritiously enhance ANY meal!

Inspired by her passion for healthy eating, Cristina has teamed up with her children, Sofia and Rodrigo, to bring Kawi Foods to life. They are confident that you and your family will enjoy this very versatile, all-natural product as much as they do.