Made with natural ingredients

Vegetable Broth

Low sodium


No sugar

No soy


Natural ingredients

Made in California

Woman Latina owned

NutraKik® Original

NutraKik® Original
NutraKik® Original.
From $8.00
NutraKik® Original
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (16)
NutraKik® 2 Pack Original & Curry Combo (8oz).
$32.00 $34.00
NutraKik® 2 Pack Original & Curry Combo (8oz)
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 (1)
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I'm a total fan girl of everything Kawi Foods, especially the broth. It's made with real food, lasts a while, and you don't pay for water. I actually don't know how Kawi is able to keep anything in stock. I feel like they should have blown up by now based on how amazing they are. I got Kawi goods for my friends and family for Christmas last year. I actually took back my dad's broth because he forgot about it and I was due to buy myself more. Highly recommend!!


Normally I am not a fan of veggie broth, however this one changed my mind. It’s full of flavor and is universal so you can use it on anything. I wish I discovered this sooner!!


I am so blown away by NutraKik Original spice.
I used it in preparation of my food, sprinkled it on plain rice, made soup broth, delicious.
I am very grateful for my new discovery, to my friend who referred me to check out this incredible products.

Our Mission

At Kawi Foods our mission is to provide wholesome products from natural ingredients.


Classic Seasoning Trio

Classic Seasoning Trio

Classic Trio Combo (8oz)

Classic Trio Combo (8oz)

Tea | Golden Milk

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