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This combo includes 2 large bags NutraKik®, one Original & one Curry. Season any quinoa, vegetables, seafood, chicken and much, much more!

This combo is equal to 14 boxes of any broth or stock in the supermarkets! 

NutraKik® Original Ingredients:

Non-GMO nutritional yeast, organic onion granules, Real Salt® sea salt, organic garlic, organic shiitake mushroom, organic fennel, organic paprika, organic red beet, organic cayenne pepper, organic spices & love.  

NutraKik® Curry Ingredients:

Non GMO nutritional yeast, organic onion, Real Salt® brand sea salt, organic curry, organic garlic, organic ginger, organic paprika, organic cumin, organic cayenne pepper & love.

NutraKik® 2 Pack Original & Curry Combo (8oz)
3000 3200

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