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NutraKik® 2 Pack Original & Spicy Combo (8oz)

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Low sodiumNo MSGNo sugarNo soyVeganNatural ingredients

This combo includes 2 large bags NutraKik®, one original & one spicy. Now you're ready to season any vegetables, popcorn, fish or rice dishes. Don't forget to make it into a savory soup as well!

This combo is equal to buying 14 boxes of any broth or stock!

NutraKik® Original Ingredients:

Non-GMO nutritional yeast, onion granules, Real Salt® sea salt, garlic, shiitake mushroom, fennel, paprika, red beet, cayenne pepper, spices & love. 

NutraKik® Spicy Ingredients:

Non-GMO nutritional yeast, onion granules, Real Salt® sea salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, shiitake mushroom, fennel, paprika, red beet, spices & love. 

Customer Reviews

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Spice packs

I love both the original and spicy pack. I mix and match. I never buy store bought broth in cans or cartons anymore. This is so convenient. I rarely use oil to saute veggies. I use the NutraKik to saute. I love these products. Shipping is super fast.

Alyssa Slater

About 4 1/2 years ago we went to Laguna Beach and it just so happened there was a farmers market going on… That was the first time I ever tried NutraKik, I have been buying it ever since I absolutely love it… Are used to love Ramen noodles as a kid but haven’t eaten them for probably 25 years at least, I take some water put in the broth powder add an organic brown rice Ramen sometimes a little organic garlic salt and add in a little broccoli or tofu or whatever vegetable I want and it is so delicious!

Love, Love, Love

I love these products.I have added to many of my recipes, especially the spicy which adds so much extra flavor. I even drink the spicy as a snack and actually crave more. I have ordered more of it for friends and family so they can enjoy it as well. Thank you for creating these.

leslie quinn

LOVE products 💖🙏

Kawi is my go-to

We recently moved to Wisconsin and when I ran out of my stock of Kawi I had to reorder quickly! It's my go-to flavor base for EVERYTHING I cook. And, being vegan, I cook a lot. Thanks for keeping us healthy and loving all of our yummy foods,Kawi!