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It is a dry mix blend of 12 organic herbs and spices that can be used as both a base for any soup and an all-purpose seasoning. NutraKik does not contain any added sugar, soy, GMO's, nuts or oil. NutraKik is also vegan & paleo friendly.
NutraKik is just as simple as mixing 1 tbsp with an 8oz cup of hot water for an instant broth. Season any vegetables, popcorn, rice, patties even make a salad dressing with it. The uses are virtually endless! Perfect for the college student, seasoned cook and for any traveler or outdoors person!
As long as NutraKik is properly sealed and stored at room temperature, it has a shelf life of about 6 months. Store it in mason jars if you wish just be sure to keep an air tight seal.
Our 8oz bag is the same as purchasing 7 quart boxes of any stock or broth. The 3.5oz bag yields to the equivalent to 3!
NutraKik is on average lower in sodium than the leading brands in supermarkets today. Roughly 200mg of sodium for original, spicy and curry. Plus we use Real Salt Brand Sea Salt from Utah! It's the only pink salt mine in the United States that has 60+ trace minerals and is unrefined.
YES! All our products are 100% made from plants, vegetables and herbs making them vegan friendly. Use our products on ANY of your favorite foods as well that will satisfy the taste buds of omnivores.

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We are dedicated to providing wholesome products out of natural ingredients.